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Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter

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Measuring principle 

Guided Wave Radar is the measuring instruments that based on the time travel principle, the radar wave travel in speed of light, run time can be converted into a level signal by the electronic component. The probe emit the high-frequency pulse and spread along the cable probe, the pulse come across the material surface and reflect back then receive by the instrument receiver and converted the distance signal to level signal.


Reflected pulse signal conduction transmit along the cable to the electronic circuit part of the instrument, the microprocessor processes this signal, identify the echo that generated by the microwave pulses on the material surface. Correct echo signal recognition accomplish by the intelligent software, the distance D that from the material surface is proportional to the pulse time travel T: D=C×T/2 (C represent for speed of light)

As the empty tank distance E is already known, the level L is: L = E-D.


By entering the empty tank height E (= zero), full tank height F (= full scale) and some applications parameters to set up, application parameters will automatically adapt the measurement environment. Corresponds to 4-20mA output.

Measuring range

F----Measuring range

E----Empty tank distance

B--- Top blind zone

L---- Mini. Distance from probe to tank wall

The top blind zone is the minimum distance between the highest material surface and the measurement reference point. 

The bottom blind zone refers to the distance that near the mooring rope bottom and cannot be accurate measured.

The distance between the top and the bottom blind zone is the effective measurement distance. 


The tank level can be measured reliably only when the material is between the blind zone of top and bottom.