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Analysis On Engineering Measurement Of Radar Liquid Level Meter

Radar liquid level meter is now widely used and popular in engineering measurement. Its principles indicates that the probe is installed via radar wave detection, and reflect by electromagnetic wave and calculated as data by Dopod Effect. During installation and application, if you better understand its measurement principle, the operation method will bring into full play.


  Now working mode of radar level meter is not complicated, basically it emits electromagnetic wave, reflect medium and then receive again from emission to receiving, electromagnetic wave time is proportional to liquid surface. Radar measurement tool will record in detail for electromagnetic wave time and transmission speed, and calculate the distance between radar antenna and liquid surface and then better understand the level of liquid level. Therefore, measurement tool has two modes: frequency modulated continuous wave time and pulse wave type. The former has larger power consumption and needs more complex electronic and circuit, the latter has low power consumption, more easy electronic and circuit, more accurate and safe and reliable, so the latter is widely used.


In light of advantages and reliability of pulse microwave, a majority of radar level measurement tool adopt this method. The antenna emits a certain frequency, last some pulse beam and terminate according to proportion. During the period, the antenna system will be receiver to receive reflection wave, conduct data process to reflected wave image during receiving and send out indication signal.


  The radar liquid level meter is used to accurately measure liquid or whatever medium. The signal is not too strong when electromagnetic wave is located in liquid surface reflection. If only the signal is weak, radar liquid level measurement tool can not smoothly receive enough data and judged signal to directly impact the measurement effect. However, conducting medium or micro conducting medium can achieve better reflection with enough signal. We think more larger dielectric constant, more strong reflected signals will get, more rapid and accurate radar liquid level measurement will achieve.