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Application Medium Material Of Radar Level Transmitter

Radar level transmitter apply to non contact and continuous measurement to liquid,sizing agent and particulate matter levels. It is also suitable for some other occasions,such as great temperature variation, inert gas and volatile substance.

Radar level transmitter uses the measurement of microwave pulse and can normal work in the range of industrial frequency band.It has a low wave beam so that can be installed in a variety of metal. Whether in non-metallic vessel or pipe internal,it is harmless to human body and environment.

Since entering the field of radar level transmitter in 2009,Xa’an Dechuang Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd always devotes to constantly innovate and optimize the product structure. Up to now, the company has 26GHz high frequency series radar level transmitter, 6.8GHz intelligent series radar level transmitter and guide wave series radar level transmitter which are all self-developed and has more than 20 types of products. It has covered the monitoring and measuring of liquid and solid in various working conditions and fields.

Petrochemical industry:

Raw petroleum, hydrogen tincture,sump oil,sludge and sewage in the oil production plant.Settling tank,sewage tank and drilling mud irrigation in the oil field.Liquefied natural gas and condensate water in the liquefied gas station.Gasoline,diesel oil, tar and waste oil in the oil storage and bio diesel plant.

Chemical industry:

Various chemical products in the chemical plant,such as hydrochloric, vitriol and liquid chlorine. Urea melted liquid and ammonia water in the compound fertilizer plant.

Power industry:

Coal ash,desulfurizer, lubricating oil, slurry, raw cola bunker,bunker, tank, waster gas purification can, ash storage tank and fuel tank in the power plant.

Cement industry:

Cement bin, raw coal bunker,coal ash, raw meal homogenizing silo, clinker storage and slag storage tank in the cement plant.Iron ore, raw material and clinker limestone, pulverized coal and raw coal bunker in the steel plant. Powdered carbon, aluminum ore and pulverized coal in the aluminum manufacturer.

26GHz high frequency series radar level transmitter mainly applies to complex working conditions,like solid material level,wide-range, strong dust and other conditions with some interference factor.

6.8GHz intelligent series radar level transmitter applies to non-contact measurement of fluid container within 30m.

Guide wave series radar level transmitter applies to contact measurement and the measured medium environment with low dielectric constant,like crude oil and hydrocarbon.

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