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Differences Between Rod Type And Cable Type Radar Level Transmitter

Radar level transmitter involves in rod type and cable type according to different models. What are differences of two types?


 Regarding to tank height (measuring range), rod type is too long to transport and install, cable type without any limitation. There are no other differences. Cable type is used to measure large measuring range, rod type for small measuring range. Guided wave radar level transmitter is the one based on time domain reflectometry (TDR). Its electromagnetic pulse comes into measured medium surface and transmits with steel cable or probe at the speed of light. Its partial pulse is reflected with echo and returned to pulse transmission device according to the same path. Distance between transmission device and measured medium surface are in proportion to transmission time while the liquid level is calculated.

  1. In case of bubble, boiling or turbulence of process medium, rod type antenna is recommended to use; The flexibility is available too, but effect is not as rigidity.

  2. If process medium is viscous liquid or solid, granule, powder, flexible antenna is recommended to use; rod type is available, but effect is not as flexibility.