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Electromagnetic Flowmeter - Part One

Electromagnetic flowmeter --Part one

1. 1 Description of products 

Electromagnetic flow meter is a kind of inductional instrument designed by Faradays' law of electromagnetic induction to measure flow of conductive media in the tube. It adopts the technology of insertion of single chip to realize digital excitation and employs CAN local fieldbus.

Electromagnetic flow meter can realize local indication and output electrical current signal of 4-20mA which can be used to record, adjust and control. Electromagnetic flow meters are widely used in industrial sectors such as chemical industry, environmental protection, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, paper making, water supply and removal etc.

Besides measuring flow of general conductive liquid electromagnetic flow meter can measure flow of liquid-solid fluid, high-viscosity fluid and salt, strong acid and strong alkali.


1.2 Classification of products

Series smart electromagnetic flow meters consist of sensor and smart signal transducer. And it can be classified into two structures--- integral type and remote type according to the set-up form of the sensor and transducer. In terms of integral type electromagnetic flow meters, transducer and sensor directly assembles as a whole and can not be dissociated. It is usually used at the scene where the environmental situation is good. To remote type electromagnetic flow meters transducer composes a product through a special electric cable and sensor. The sensor is installed at the scene and the transducer is installed in the place where the conditions are good. It is usually used at the scene where the environmental situation is poor, such as underground wells, high temperature and the place where people can not reach.


1.3 Performances & Features
>  Simple structures, firm, no movable parts and long operation life

>  No intercepting fluid parts, no pressure loss and fluid clogging
>  No mechanical inertia, quick response and good stability, application in automatic examination, adjustment and
> Measuring accuracy not influenced by physical parameters such as style, temperature, viscosity, density and pressure.
> Employ Teflon or rubber liner and different combination of electrode material such as Hastelloy C, Hastelloy B, 316L,
Titanium and adapt the need of different mediums.
>  Supply many styles of flowmeters such as inline type and insertion type, etc.
> Adopt EEPROM memory to measure operation data, safe and reliable protection of memory.
> Integral type flowmeters and remote type flowmeters.
> LCD back light display with high clearness.