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How Does Intelligent Radar Level Transmitter Function?

It is known that intelligent radar level transmitter functions according to echo distance measurement principle, but few people know how radar level transmitter measures substance distance by electron wave. Where will radar level transmitter be used in life? Our R&D team will give you answers on its working principle in the following:

 Radar level transmitter emits the microwave transmitted by antenna while signal processor compares the emission signal with received signal, the measured distance is calculated. Because microwave occurs attenuation and noisy reflection, the key measurement is received and reflected echo and identified the effective echo.

High frequency radar level transmitter is converted into level signal based on specific time stretch by electronic components to ensure stable and accurate measurement in an extremely short time. It emits very low transmission energy and short microwave, transmitted and received by the antenna system. Its characteristics and advantages in the application showcases as follows:

1. It can measure max. 80m measuring range with 3mm error, free from temperature change, dust and steam. It becomes an outstanding one.

2. It can be used in oil tank, bitumen storage silo, liquefied petroleum gas, reactor, waste water tank in the petrochemical industry, blast furnace of liquid steel in steel industry. it is also widely used in brewing, food, pharmaceutical industry.

3. It is featured as integrated structure, non-contact horn.

4. A number of explosion-proof standard authentication in the first and second zone.

5. It can be set and programmed by humanized button, HART protocol and operation window with advanced multi-function software to eliminate any interference of stirrer or other barrier.