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Market Trend On Liquid Level Meter

The application of liquid level meter differs greatly, so there are a wide range of category. At present, pressure transmitter and differential pressure transmitter are dominated on detection for tower and reactor. There are still problem on design and application except for its cost-effective. Magnetic float liquid level meter, float-type liquid level meter and capacitance liquid level meter are partially used. With the technical development, magnetostriction type, ultrasonic, RF admittance liquid level meter will gradually increase, whereas pressure transmitter and differential pressure transmitter will go down. According to the difference of medium and field condition, all kinds of liquid level meter will be fully used and diversified.


The storage tank in tank field imposes liquid level meter on precision due to large volume. steel belt float type liquid level meter, servo-type liquid level meter, static pressure liquid level meter are used in the past . However, no matter they are, they are not the best type to measure the level of storage tank in tank field. Steel belt float type is installed complicatedly with low reliability; static pressure type is greatly affected by medium density and temperature. A complete set of static pressure measurement system have higher price to eliminate these effects; Servo-type has higher precision and price because of its mechanical transmission mechanism to inevitably bring about wear problem. Since the 1990's, radar liquid level meter enter into market and increased in tank field due to its higher precision, high reliability and easy to use. It became top instrument of liquid level for almost 10 years. Magnetostriction type rapidly rise for recent years. It is more suitable for measuring the liquid level in tank field due to its high precision, reliability, and long life time, it will no doubt rise up to go halves with radar type. Optical fiber liquid level meter can achieve non-electric detection in field with good safety, but its disadvantage featured as mechanical transmission components and cause a lot of failure with more complex installation. ultrasonic liquid level meter has lower precision with simple installation and reasonable price. It has a share in tank field.


The environmental protection including sewage treatment grow rapidly with growing demands on liquid level meter. Static pressure type is widely used in sewage treatment, pool and water tank. The ultrasonic liquid level meter will cover a great margin in the environmental protection due to its increasingly low price, especially showcase its advantages in sludge level measurement and muddy water separated-layer measurement.