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Performance Update Of Dechuang Radar Level Gauge

The DCRD1000B Series is the third generation of intelligent low-frequency radar level gauge that designed and manufactured by Xi’an Dechuang Electric Technology Co., Ltd. The working frequency is updated from 6.8GHz to 7GHz and changed the high frequency microwave tube on the high frequency antenna board, and lower consumption DPS controller. The signal transmitting and receiving unit circuit are also updated, and the signal strength is raised at least 30DB. The programme code is being revised, and updated the transmission and reception of radar wave from 55 times to 80 times per second and updated the transmitting and receiving rate. When more radar wave be transmitted and received in the same time, the more accurate data result by average counting method through radar internal counting system. The measuring accuracy is greatly improved through updating. The accuracy is elevated from ±2mm to ±10mm, and can compare to continue wave FM radar. Through the technical optimization and update, the penetration capacity is being greatly elevated that it can penetrate the foam layer with 1m thickness and the strong dust and stream. The measured medium temperature can reach 500℃ and the Max. support pressure is up to 20MP after special treatment of the sensor. 

1. The DCRD1000A series radar level gauge is the second generation 26G high frequency product that being updated on the basis of the first generation. By modifying the radar level gauge of the source code, the frequency times of the transmission and reception radar wave is changed from 55 times to 80 times per second. The measuring accuracy is greatly raised and the error is about ±2mm.

2. Equipped with auto align function and controller circuit added the timer and data storage. The internal software auto align counting being carried through leave factory preset value and auto repair the deviation data. change the number of transmit and receive frequency radar from the original transmission and reception of 55 times per second, sending and receiving up to 80 times per second. Greatly improve the measurement accuracy of radar level gauge. Error is about ± 2mm. 

3 Dual interface EN/CN display, with panel control function, can display echo curve and callback signal strength. 

4 with automatic diagnostic function, easy repair and maintenance.