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The Application Area Of Dechuang Radar Level Transmitter

Dechuang strives to innovation and optimize product structure, since the company firstly entered the radar level transmitter industry since 2009. Until now the main level measurement products includes: 26GHz high frequency radar level transmitter, 6.8GHz intelligent radar level transmitter, and guided wave radar level transmitter. Totally three series with 18 types products, which cover all kinds of working condition and territory of liquid and solid level monitoring and measurement. 

Petrochemical industry: 

(Oil Production Plant) of crude oil, hydrogen tincture, waste oil, sludge, sewage 

(Oil field) settling tanks, sewage tanks, drilling mud tank 

(Gas station) liquefied natural gas, condensate water

(Oil storage, biodiesel plant) gasoline, diesel, tar, gutter oil 

Chemical industry: 

(Chemical plant) various chemical products: high temperature and pressure, highly corrosive (HCl) (sulfuric acid) (lye), toxic products (liquid chlorine) 

(Fertilizer plant) melt urea, ammonia 

 Crystalline product (phthalic anhydride) 

Power Industry 

(Plants) fly ash silo, desulfurization, oil, mud, coal storage, bunkers, tanks, 

Exhaust gas purification tanks, Ash, fuel tank 

Cement Industry 

(Cement) finished bulk cement silo, coal storage, coal ash, raw meal silo, clinker silo, slag storage warehouse 

Steel Industry 

(Steelworks) iron ore, limestone raw material, limestone clinker, pulverized coal 

(Aluminum plant) powdered carbon, aluminum ore, pulverized coal

The coal industry 

(Washery) coal, washed coal, coal cinder, coal powder, coal-bearing wastewater 

Metallurgical industry, and etc.