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Tips On Installation And Wiring For Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter

Guided wave radar level transmitter is very common level instrument. It should follow some requirements during installation. It is used by microwave technology to detect the material level. It is featured as good penetrability and strong accommodation with severe environment and measured material. It is used by advanced large scale integrated circuit and radar principle, digital signal treatment technology and rapid Fourier FFT technology. It is used by continuous measurement to measure liquid, solid(bulk, powder) with far measurement distance and high precision.


1. Guided wave radar level transmitter ensures steel cable or rod not free from contact internal obstacle in the whole measurement range, please stay away from the facilities in the piping during installation as far as possible ( such as ladder, limit switch, heating equipment and support,etc.)


2. Steel cable or rod can not contacted with charging material flow, staying away from feed inlet and outlet as far as possible.  


3. Attention should be paid to the highest material level not enter in the measurement blind spot with the methods stipulated in the followings:


A. Instrument and pipe wall must keep some distance.


B. Make sure that steel cable or rod direction is vertical with measured medium during installation as far as possible.


C. The instrument installed in anti-explosion area must follow the regulations on installation for anti-explosion dangerous area. The intrinsic safety housing is used by aluminum shell. It is installed under the anti-explosion condition. The instrument must be grounded.


  4. The optimal installation position is in the center of the top for conical vessel to make sure measure the vessel bottom.

5. Sunshade and rain-proof measures should be taken during outdoor installation.

6. Electrical connecting line is used by two cores shield cable.