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Vortex Gas Flow Meter

Vortex gas Flow Meter




DCFL3000B series smart precession whirlpool flow meter uses new micro-processing technology with strong function, wide flow range, simple maintenance and convenient installation & use. It is widely used in industries such as petrol, chemical, power, metallurgy and coal, etc.






1> Built-in pressure, temperature and flow sensors with high safety, compact structure and exquisite shape.


2> Local indication of temperature, pressure, instantaneous flow and accumulative flow.


3> Use new signal processing amplifier and unique filtration technology, effectively eliminate interfering signal generated by pressure fluctuation and pipeline vibration, greatly improve anti-interference ability of flow meter, and make good stability of little flow.


4> Special time indication and real-time data storage function; under no circumstance will the internal data be missing and will be stored forever.

5> Password protection


6> Low power consumption, internal battery supply, no need for external power supply.



3.Standard Conditions: P = 101.325kPa, T = 293.15K



4. Use Conditions


Ambient temperature: -30 ~ +60℃


Medium temperature: -20 ~ +80℃


Relative humidity: 5% ~ 95%


Atmospheric Pressure: 86kPa ~ 106kPa


5. Electric Performance

Working Power: external power: +24VDC


       Internal power: 3.6V lithium battery

       Power Consumption: external power, 1W 

                        internal power, 0.3m W, two-year service life for Lithium battery

     Output: frequency signal

     4-20mA current signal: corresponding flow 0~Qmax, corresponding flow of 20mA can be set by user.

       RS485 Communication: can transmit temperature, pressure, instantaneous flow and accumulative flow.




6. Explosion Proof: Exd II CT6



7. Enclosure: IP65




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