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high accuracy Flowmeter

  • Intelligent Precession Vortex Gas Flowmeter

    Contact NowIntelligent Precession Vortex Gas FlowmeterIntroduction: DCFL3000 series sm art vortex precession gas flowmeter uses new microprocession technology with strong function, wide flow range, simple maintenance and convenient installation & use. 1. Built-in pressure, temperature and flow sensors with high...Read More

  • Liquid Turbine Flowmeter(Flange Type/Clamp Type/Screw Type)

    Contact NowLiquid Turbine Flowmeter(Flange Type/Clamp Type/Screw Type)Description of products DCFL3000 series Turbine Flowmeter has simple structure, high accuracy, good repetitiveness, fast response and convenient maintenance. It is widely used for liquid without corrosion to stainless steel, Al2O3 or hard alloy, without fibre or...Read More

  • Intelligent Type Electromagnetic Flowmeter

    Contact NowIntelligent Type Electromagnetic FlowmeterDESCRIPTION OF PRODUCTS Electromagnetic flow meter is a kind of inductional instrument designed by Faradays' law of electromagnetic induction to measure flow of conductive media in the tube. It adopts the technology of insertion of single chip to realise digital...Read More

  • Vortex Flowmeter(Flange Type/Clamp Type)

    Contact NowVortex Flowmeter(Flange Type/Clamp Type)Introduction DCFL3000 series smart vortex flow meter has little pressure loss, broad span range and high accuracy. It is not under influence of density, pressure, temperature and viscocity when measuring volumetric flow. It has no movable mechanical parts with high...Read More

  • Metal Tube Rotameter

    Contact NowMetal Tube RotameterSpecifications 1.Small volume 2. Borad measuring 3.Convenience for use 4. Measuring liquid ,gas and vapor flow Introduction This kind of metal tube rotameter is a kind of measuring meter which the flow rate is changing along with the area and is widely used in the...Read More